It is a grave problem of present times to keep your skin fair and acne free for the cause it has been very important to become fine-looking and pretty. In many countries, skin issues are common and there are lots of causes of having rough, dry and unattractive skin.

Eating a greater amount fats and avoiding vegetables are the cause of this situation. Less concentration on workouts is a hindrance to have a spotless face because staying away from exercise is not good in this regard. Sometimes changing of weather is also a reason of having pimples on the face. Excessive face wash may lead your skin to irritation, roughness and bad texture.


Hey Girls! It is appreciated you like applying makeup to have a great look to look beautiful and impress people, but it is not fair that you wear too much makeup from day to night. It looks really good if you wear makeup once in a week or you can apply more than 1 or 2 times.

It is good that you must wear light makeup to have impressive personality whereas wearing dark makeup can affect your pores which is why you will not have beautiful skin. You must think of doing this but not too much.


If you are in habit of washing your face again and again, you must be considering getting fair; it is a myth that you do not get what you are willing to. Now it is your responsibility to avoid washing face many times a day.

Washing face over and over again indicates that you are really very caring about your beauty, but in the real picture you are not doing brilliantly. In other words, you are pealing your skin by executing this myth. Your skin turns rough and dry by this way.


It is very dirty if someone is not ready to change the pillowcase after 4 to 5 days. In this case, your pillowcase is called bacterial thing which causes you much acne on your cheeks and chin and you get worried about this.

This is very bad that your pillowcase is not tidy as it also makes your personality down. If someone sees your bed, he/she might not be satisfied with your this attitude. Well, keeping your bed and pillowcase tidy is a job of decent people which distinguishes from others.


In the wedding ceremony, college or school function or other social events, you probably drink wine, soft drinks or energy drinks; it is too bad and you should not touch them because they can harm your stomach and skin.

Instead of these you must drink many glasses of water which will be extremely good for the purpose of getting rid of the current problem. Water is very healing to freshen up your skin. When it is a matter of water, you should drink more than 8 glasses of water every day.


Dear! Your skin is “YOU” what represents you. If “YOU” is not good, you will not be able to attract people towards you. Finally, drinking much water, cleaning your bed sheet and pillowcase and avoiding heavy makeup are great sources to be away from skin issues.

Originally posted 2019-01-03 10:01:56.


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