If you have landed over this page, it means that you are searching for best bowling balls for women. I have met both women and men who love to bowl. Most if not all of them look for bowling bowls that can give the best possible performance, which is eye-catching, have a perfect weight and are cost effective.

Just like the balls that are used by men, best bowling balls for women come in plastic or polyurethane cover-stock and high-performance cover-stock that are playable on all lane conditions for females as well. Most if not all the bowling balls for women weight from 6 to 12 pounds.

Like boys and men, girls and women also check bowling ball weight to ensure that they can use these balls without any difficulty. All female bowling players I have met with, prefer using balls that weight form 12 to 14 pounds. Some of them also look for lower weights. To get best out of, the best bowling ball for women is one that is neither too heavy nor too light.

4 Best Bowling Balls for Women In the Year 2019

Below list will let you review 4 best bowling balls preferred by women players:

1Brunswick TZONE Indigo Swirl

Brunswick always appears at the top of any best bowling ball list for women players. I will also recommend this bowling ball for all those women who are the beginner in the world of the bowling game, and they require a spare. I have found This bowling ball to be more precise, and all newbies can show off their talent in style. The weight of Brunswick TZONE Indigo Swirl bowling ball isn’t very heavy therefore it can be handled with ease and comfort. You can find it in different patterns and colors to match your mood and style.

This ball doesn’t hook a lot, so it suits more to straight bowling players. You can expect to discover some small-sized pit holes close to cover-stock. One more thing, although this review is written keeping women bowlers in mind, Brunswick TZone Indigo Swirl can also be used and even preferred by male bowlers.

Pros Of Brunswick TZone Indigo Swirl I Found in user reviews

• It is a good option for those who need a spare ball
• Perfect for playing under dark lighting conditions
• Very straight and extremely precise
• It cost very reasonable as compared to its performance
• Will never curve unexpectedly
• Any newbie or out-of-touch bowling player can use Brunswick Bowling ball to improve their games

Cons of Brunswick TZone Indigo Swirl I Found in user reviews

• Very rough playing can damage it soon
• For best results, I suggest that you purchase it form any online store like Amazon. Many people who bought it from the nearest local store reported an unsatisfactory result


I believe that you aren’t getting bored will all such “Glow in the dark” balls. Heart Glow is another bowling ball that boasts the same feature. You can play with this ball for recreation. You can even begin to learn bowling game with this ball. This is one of the best bowling balls for women that comes with different images like heart bags, wrist support, towels and the like.

If you want to gift your daughter for her next birthday, I suggest you buy this bowling ball for her. But be sure that ball you buy should match the favorite accessories you daughter possess. If you think she likes pink color, then this ball is available in pink and many different colors that you can choose. Be ready to play bowling with your sweetheart if you have purchased ball covered with pink colored hearts. For any souvenir collector, Hearts Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball is one of the best bowling balls for women that you can display on the shelf in your drawing room.

Pros Of Hearts Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

• It is available in a wide array of eye-catching colors to match all possible accessories
• A best spare ball which suits any lanes
• Very straight and not too much hooking

Cons Of Hearts Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

• A bit softer as compared to expectation, but again I suggest to buy it from a reliable store or Amazon.
• As available in many eye-catching colors, so it’s different choose one

3Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball For Women

Brand Pyramid isn’t very renown brand to most bowlers however when I research the consumer feedback about it; I found that it was pretty much impressive at the performance. The people who tested it in a medium as well as medium to dry conditions they found it pretty much effective. This bowling ball is best for women at a very affordable price. It can be said as the best technology available for your bucks. The wide array of drilling choices are also available for this bowling ball. New Era 139 core, as well as the Path Reactive Cover-stock, combined can give a best possible performance for any bowler with any skill level. It hooks quite well however not too much which you would not be able to control. This is the best bowling ball for women who are beginners. However, expert bowlers can also use this ball for practice or as a spare.

Pros of Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

• It performs more as compared to expectation at this price
• You can use it for maintaining constant performance on the bowling lane
• An ideal option for smooth reaction and control without losing any control straight by the pins.

Cons of Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

• Not a single significant downside was found in this ball.

4Butterflies Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball for Women

If you are ready to fly down the lane amid of your game, then try this bowling balling from Butterfly? Not only this ball will glow in black light, but also expect to fell more as compared to 100 pins in each game. You will impress your competitors. If you are scared of those horrifying 10 pins, Butterfly is the best bowling ball for women. One of the fellows I met, gave this ball as a gift to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day this year, and he said she was so amazed by that ball that she recommended it as the best balling bowl to all her friends.

One of the fellows said that she improved her game above 60 pins in every match when she played with this ball. Moreover, your fellow ladies will die to know from where to buy it. Anyone will inevitably fall in love with the game of bowling after playing with Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball.

Pros of Butterflies Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball For Women

• Nice looking bowling ball and all kids will fall in love with this ball
• Always go straight in the direction of throw and never hook
• When compared for price/performance ratio I found it to be perfect

Cons of Butterflies Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball For Women

• The image on the surface of this ball isn’t too shiny. However, it will not put any impact on its performance

What you must follow before you buy the best bowling Ball for Women


As I researched and I got experienced to it, it is better to a thumb inside the thumb hole and then expands your middle and ring finger on other 2 holes. If knuckles of the ring finger and middle finger seems to be comfortable above the holes, you can say that this is the perfect match for you. Play with it, it’s the right size bowling ball for you.

Things to be Considered When Buying First Bowling Ball For Women

It is usually a daunting task to be aware how to pick a bowling ball for a beginner in the bowling game. I accept that buying your very first bowling ball may usually be challenging thing for most people. Some get confused with the material of the ball and for some brand name is the point of confusion. Other aspects like hook and weight should also be taken into consideration.

If you are a straight shooter, polyester-build bowling balls are best for women. Urethane bowling balls are suitable for hook players. I suggest you buy balls from reputed brands like Columbia, Brunswick, and Motiv. Their prices range between $30 and $130, depending on their performance. I found that many people recommend buying from Amazon as they are more reliable when it is about delivery, quality, and service.

If you are trying to buy the best bowling ball for women but you are just a beginner who wants to hook this ball, you can go for Pyramid Path Rising Pearl. It’s the best bowling ball for women who are yet a beginner, but they are interested in advancing themselves to the next level as soon as possible. Its price is extremely affordable, and it can be bowled on medium dry lanes.

The speed of the women player and weight of the ball

In my research, I found that it’s always better to change the weight of bowling ball when you see speed decreasing. For girls and women who play bowling, the relationship of bowling ball weight and speed of the player is simple physics. It’s nothing other than the term we all are known too “momentum” which is speed multiplied by the mass of the body. In most if not all the cases, you need not throw a lighter ball with lots of force however it will still hit the target with lots of power.

FINAL Shot with Best Bowling Ball for Women

This is my honest, unbiased and well-researched review for best bowling balls for women. I always suggest my viewers buy things from Amazon. Also, give particular attention and focus to the style of gaming and weight of ball before buying one for you. Golden advice, never try to throw the ball with lots of force because it may lower your performance on the lane.

Moreover, no matter you are anyone, playing with the best bowling ball for women, you will always enjoy playing with your family and friends instead of playing alone. Better luck with your buying journey and next game of bowling!

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