Summer is a time for fun in the great outdoors. But stifling summer temperatures can make your clothing choices more difficult and looking pulled together even harder. Thankfully, some classic style options are very on-trend this summer and provide chic appeal despite your need to beat the heat. Considering these six simple summer style options below can make you look cool as a cucumber when everyone else appears rumpled and weathered.

Shop at Stylish Boutiques for the Cutest Summer Styles

Boutique clothing shopping offers many advantages to department store selections. For one, boutique racks have curated collections chosen by the store owner or a stylish buyer, which means you find pieces aligned with your own personal taste when the boutique’s overall aesthetic appeals to you.

Shopping in small venues also enables you to wear stylish choices that you do not see others wearing on the streets around you. Boutiques buy fewer of each item and size, so your originality can remain intact.

Boutiques also filter new options into their collections throughout each season. So in the heat of summer, you are not necessarily browsing racks of fall and winter wear. You can still find some of the latest looks for summer in July and August when department stores are stocking coats and flannels.

Special Considerations for Your Summer Wardrobe

Whether you are headed to a park picnic, a beach day or for an upscale ladies’ luncheon, you should try to focus on looking pulled together despite the heat. For some reason, many people consider high temperatures the license to wear frumpy gear to all occasions. But some of the freshest fashions are those that looked very pulled-together, such as dresses, jumpsuits and blouses. Pair the right look with airy high-heeled sandals, and you can look incredibly chic and feel fresh at the same time.

Summer Styles for Women

If you need help pulling together your seasonal wardrobe, head into a boutique. There, you find salespeople more willing to help you curate your own summer collection that plays up your assets and downplays parts you want to keep under wraps. Boutique clothing is typically of a higher quality than you find in many department stores, and the entire shopping experience makes finding the right fit more fun.

6 Simple Summer Styles for Women

Below are six simple summer styles for women:

  1. A Gingham Dress and Sandals

In the summertime, there is nowhere that a gingham dress and sandals look out of place. If you do not like the traditional box-check style of gingham, choose another pattern that strikes your fancy. That one go-everywhere dress will see more sunshine than any other part of your wardrobe because of its chic comfort and coolness. Options include plaids, stripes, florals and whimsical patterns of all kinds. Use rich tones to accessorize and wear a slight heel on your feet to lengthen your lines.

  1. A Classic White Button-Down Shirt

A crisp white shirt is a summer wardrobe staple. You can wear it with shorts, pants, denim, skirts or as a light cover over a sundress – knotted at the waist. Look for a shirt that is made with breathable fabric and a clean silhouette suited for casual to dressy wear. Add simple accessories for the understated elegance of the Hamptons.

  1. Sweet Colors

Summer is a time when you can wear colours you would not choose throughout the rest of the year. Good examples are punchy pinks and reds, citrus tones and creamy pastels. To accessorize these cooler colours, choose natural materials like straw.

  1. Jumpsuits

There is a certain freedom to wearing a jumpsuit, your chic and grown-up onesie. If you want to be more flirty and casual, choose a romper. Rompers are jumpsuits with shorts attached, instead of longer pants.

  1. Long-Line Shorts

Shorts can quickly look frumpy or boxy and sometimes show too much skin to look chic. But a current trend gives you a new option for shorts. The long-line, wider-leg dress shorts of today provide breezy coolness of a skirt that you can easily dress up. Pair them with a billowy blouse, such as a short-sleeved choice with an ornate neckline or collar. Add a pair of mid-heel sandals or slides, and you look ready for margaritas on the veranda.

  1. Summer Casual Style

Essential elements for any summer wardrobe are a wide-brimmed hat over simple silhouettes, such as a soft skirt and boxy-cut blouse. To streamline a loose blouse, simply leave several bottom buttons undone to let the material flow. Or tie the loose ends at the waist for tailored appeal.

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