Contrary to what many men think that a bachelorette pad kitchen only has a small fridge, blender and fruits, all in pink color, you will be surprised. Women are quite organized and their nest will have everything important to make a full meal if need be, at the snap of a finger.

Of course, for all of us, the kitchen is the most important room in the home. This is where all food and drinks are made. This is the heart of the home. Just imagine that you are a young woman without a care in the world, living in your own place. What would you like in your kitchen?

Here are five things that a bachelorette kitchen must have:

A skillet

This is one of the essential items that any kitchen should have. It is one of the most simplistic yet multi-purpose cooking tools that every kitchen should have.

When you want to make pancakes or omelets in a hurry, the skillet is the go-to-tool. It is very versatile and you can cook almost everything with it.

When you do not want to cook eggs, you can use the skillet for cooking your meat. But that is not all, because you can also use it for cooking vegetables. Because of the thickness of the skillet, you can cook faster and under low heat once it gets hot. It cooks well because it spreads heat evenly.

You will also love the fact that you can use a skillet to bake your food. That is right, it is very friendly. Just prepare your dough and then make whatever kind of baked goodies you want. Even though a bachelorette may not be inclined to cook all that often, sometimes, the baking bug bites her and she sets out to make something yummy for herself.

Some skillets can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Even if yours cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, it is very easy to clean, especially if it is non-stick.

A crockpot

For a bachelorette, if this is not the best invention after fire, we do not know what is. This is the one-for-all pot where you can cook almost anything that you need.

The reason why we say that the crockpot is a marvel for your kitchen is that it cooks ever so slowly, and under low temperature. All that you need to do is toss in the food that you want to cook, leave it cooking and go to work. When you come back in the evening from work, the food will be ready.

Because of the slow cooking process, the food that you eat will be bursting with flavor. The herbs spread their taste and magnificence in the food slowly and thoroughly. In addition, the food really cooks thoroughly and evenly all around. Another thing that you are going to love about this pot is that it cooks food without burning. You can cook for several hours and your food will not burn.

Seeing what the crockpot can do, you can understand why it is the choice of many bachelors as well. It is the kind of pot that practically takes the work out of your hands and does your cooking for you. No stirring, no minding the clock or anything – just toss in your ingredients and let your crockpot do the cooking. You can view this website to see other things that you need to make meals slowly and efficiently.

A coffeemaker

Coffee is not a privilege. It is right! That is every home has a coffeemaker. The good thing is that when you live all alone, you can set the roast level, the richness of your coffee and it will remain that way for a long time. We all think uniformity is monotonous, but not when it comes to coffee. With coffee, we love it just right, every day!


A blender is very essential in a bachelorette kitchen. It allows the owner to make juices of her own choice. This will help you not only mix things up but with bananas, strawberries and Greek yoghurt, you can be able to make awesome homemade banana yoghurt. Just toss everything into the blender, mix it up, pour into a plastic bowl and freeze it.

This also means that you need a fridge to preserve your food and make some palatable delights when you have some free time.


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