7 Best Burberry Perfumes For Women Review


Thomas Burberry, the founder one of the best Burberry perfume for women, gabardine trench coats and other leather fashion goods, has been widespread and successful in making a name which represents high quality for nearly 70 year since Thomas first began his firm in the year 1856. After his death, his children continued to promote Burberry Equestrian Knight Trademark for more than 90 years.

Through this rich and unexpected history, the house of Burberry maintained its flagship, British gabardine-made trench coats, and many other leather-made fashion products. After that Burberry also devoted its resources to producing state-of-the-art contemporary designs in all of its men and women perfumes, fabric and other accessory lines.

In the year 1981, Burberry successfully launched men’s perfume known as “Burberry for Men.” Which became so much popular, that it inspired the company to dedicate even more focus and resources to colognes productions. However, Burberry not only continued to make perfumes for men colognes but also launched some best Burberry perfumes for women as well.

Now, Burberry continues to design some of the best perfumes for women with its revolutionary fragrances and scents. All its colognes for perfumes for women and men are premium quality. Here is a list of the 7 best Burberry perfumes for women

List of Best Perfumes for Women In the year 2019 – Reviews for Top 7

Women Perfumes form Burberry are luxury products. Users’ expectations are typically high. But, not all their women’s perfumes succeeded in capturing the perfume lovers’ hearts. So we compiled this list of best Burberry perfumes for women that are popular for wowing fragrance notes and outstanding quality. Moreover, the best women’s perfumes reviews we have gathered here are mostly those for which you can enjoy free of cost shipping. Therefore without further-ado- let’s start.


7BURBERRY London for Women Eau de Parfum

Launched in the year 2006, Burberry London for women is an Eau de Perfume that presents an elegant urban floral balance which captures the essence of the indispensable culture of London. It drives lots of compliments and is now signature of several women in past years.

It’s a very subtle and unique fresh floral spicy fragrance that you will fall in love with. It practically lets you feel like a woman of royalty and taste. Additionally, it’s long lasting.


It opens with top notes of honeysuckle and Rose and blends with the note of fruity tangerine. Tiare Flower, Soft Peony, and jasmine follows at heart notes and leaves a velvety base of musk and wood. BURBERRY London EDP for women is absolutely great value for your money.

What to Check?

Those who do not like spicy scents like musk and sandalwood, they will not be happy with the base notes on Burberry London. I suggest this women perfume best for those who enjoy floral scents with a blend of overpowering notes.


It is practically complement-attractive and delightful perfume you must like to wear in winter or fall.

6 BURBERRY Brit for Women Review – Eau de Parfum – Our Top Pick

Launched in the year 2003, BURBERRY Brit for women is classic perfume with a nice blend of playful and fresh, soft floral as well as sensual notes. It is a green oriental scent which reveals the best combination of the charismatic essence. I considered it at the top of our list of Burberry perfumes for women because of much praise and love for it.


Its top note opens with icy pear, zesty fresh Italian lime, and crisp green almond that escort the sugared almond and white peony at its heart. Its base blends of sensual notes of vanilla, balsamic Tonka Beam, warming amber and mahogany.

What to Check:

Burberry Brit Eau De Perfum has excellent longevity, and it’s the best Burberry perfume for women who want to stand out, some of the sober and introvert women mentioned average expression for this brand.


If you like to stand out, if you are a vanilla lover and you want to seek some comforts in the fragrance then reach out for best offer on BURBERRY Brit for Woman Eau De Perfum on Amazon.com.

5BURBERRY for Women Review – Eau de Parfum

Launched in the year 1995 in France. Over the years BURBERRY For Women has garnered more likes and love form people because of its classy and comforting fragrance. This’s a charming and calming scent for classy women. It’s fruity, sensual and fresh oriental scent gives an optimistic feeling to you and people around. My best friend considers BURBERRY For Women as her best Burberry perfume for women.


It opens with top notes of fresh green apple, bright bergamot and blackcurrant. Its heart is blend of jasmine, cedarwood, sandalwood, and moss that slowly ushers in base notes of vanilla and musk.

An exciting thing about BURBERRY for Women is the stability of fragrance irrespective of cold or hot temperature that makes this one perfect wear whole year around.

What to Check:

Although new users keep falling in love with the fantastic fragrance of Burberry for women, old-time users have criticized it for change in concentration. The older formulation was more long lasting as compared to the recent formula.


If you like a creamy, fruity fragrance with a long-lasting blend of musk and vanilla at the base, then I suggest you check what many beautiful girls and women are saying about BURBERRY for Women Eau De Perfum on Amazon.com.

4BURBERRY Weekend for Women Eau de Parfum

Created in 1997, Burberry Weekend for Women is formulated to offer you a more relaxing experience. It establishes a defining spirit or mood of a particular period when the world was more of a peaceful place.

Launched in the year 1997, Burberry Weekend Eau de Parfum for women offer you more relaxing feel by creating defining mood or spirit of a particular period when this planet was a quiet and calm place to live. Burberry Weekend is one of the best Burberry Perfumes for women I have witnessed with hundreds of compliments. When we check online reviews on Amazon.com where women from across the world share their experience on this perfume, we saw these comments;

• “it smells divine!! I am falling in love with it.”
• “Just what I wanted”
• “One of the best perfumes for women on the market!!!!! “

It has an attractive blend of soft floral, fruity, powdery, woody and sweet notes which goes perfectly with summer and spring seasons. Additionally, BURBERRY Weekend is a daytime perfume which lasts quite a while, and you can also wear it to your workplace.


It opens with top notes of tree sap, reseda plant and tangerine which leads you to heart with the notes of peach flower, wild rose, hyacinth, iris, and nectarine. It ends with the cedar, musk, and cedar at its base.

What to Check?

This one is highly recommended for girls and women who want a break from traditional chypre or Orientals, yet they like a fresh fragrance with classic feminine features. It’s reformulated, although recent version can last longer as compared to older version, however, you will feel a slight difference in the exclusiveness of its fragrance. Women who used its original version can effortlessly sport it out.


Layer Blackberry weekend perfume with the Estee Lauder’s Beautiful to have those old-time experience. They smell better in combination and combine they give you unique classic.

3BURBERRY Body for Women Review – Eau de Parfum

Another chypre from the house of Burberry, Body Eau de Parfum for Women has a seductive scent.


It opens with the top notes of a fruity blend of peach, freesia and fresh green absinthe. Elegance emerges where fresh notes of iris and natural rose are leaning on warm sandalwood base. Based notes are the blend of creamy vanilla, cashmere, seductive amber and musk.

What To Check:

Highly recommend for the women looking for a soft and subtle perfume for their special occasions.


BURBERRY Body for Women is a warm, feminine perfume which’s reasonably musky-peachy.


2BURBERRY Brit Eau de Toilette for Women Review

Because of the success of BURBERRY Brit for women, BURBERRY rolled out many variations of it, including, Brit Rhythm, Brit Sheer, and Brit EDT or Eau de toilette. Launched in the year 2004, BURBERRY EDT is a lighter version of classic Brit Fragrance.


Brit opens with fresh notes of icy pear, green almond, Italian lime, and lemongrass. Its heart is composed of lush peony and sugared almonds laid on the base of warm amber, mahogany, and creamy vanilla.

What to Check:

Highly recommended for girls and women who aren’t big wearers of perfume but want to smell unique. Not a choice for those who like to stand out.


For women who like the combination of creamy vanilla and sweet almond which is flawlessly blended with juicy lime, they should immediately check what others are saying about it on Amazon.com. It’s a tremendous cozy fragrance in the fall.

1Intense Body BURBERRY Parfum for Women

Launched in September 2011, Burberry Intense body perfume for women is a long lasting version of original Burberry body.

This perfume begins with an assorted blend of luxurious, refined notes – wormwood, peach, and freesia–having a heart of floral notes–rose and iris that sits on warm sandalwood. While the base is a combination of woody cashmere, creamy vanilla, and musk that in synergy create a highly appealing note.


Intense Body by Burberry starts with an assorted blend of refined and luxurious top notes of peach, freesia, and wormwood, having heart of iris and rose that sits on the warm sand wood. While the base is a blend of creamy vanilla, cashmere and musk that synergizes to attractive notes.

What to Check:

I checked across the World Wide Web to find what users said about it. For simplicity and ease I visited Amazon.com and found that more than 90 percent of women who actually used it gave Intense Body 5-star reviews rating. This one can be recommended for any women or girl who is looking for a clean deep scent with classy perfume that offers renewal feeling.


Burberry Intense Body is indeed one of the best Burberry perfumes for women that can be used all year round. It is a heavy perfume; therefore only 1 to 3 spritz lasts all day long.

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