Best Cross Training Shoes For Women With Flat Feet


“Give her the right shoes, and she will conquer. With brains in head and feet in shoes, she can steer in her direction. However, always remember to keep your feet on the ground and wear the best shoes.”

Any girl or women, remember that the shoe is something you spend much time a day so you cannot overlook the need for careful consideration of what you wear.

Particularly those women who exercise a lot or perform intensive training, best shoes contribute a lot to their success during their training seasons. It’s even more important to choose the right if you are one of those women with flat feet.

Flat feet means that the arch of that feet is fallen. It is not curved upwards as it is in most of the women. If you fall in flat feet category and you also take cross training sessions to get fit, slim, active and healthy, you should go for the kind that falls in the best cross training shoes for women with flat feet.

Empathy is putting yourself in other shoes, and therefore I did that by studying all the issues faced by a flat-footed woman. In this review, I will provide relevant information on 3 best cross training shoes for women with flat feet. In the end, I will be discussing the criteria for the selection of best shoes for flat feet women.

3 Best Cross Training Shoes For Women With Flat Feet – Reviews

PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe For Flat Footed Women

Puma has been one of the go-to firms for athletic needs in the past couple of years. Tazon by Puma reinforces the insight of high-quality cross trainer shoes for flat-footed women across the globe. These are available in a wide array of classic colors liked by women such as pink.

With cruelty-free construction with synthetic leather, Tazon by Puma is comfortable, durable and great fitting shoes. You can use them for many athletic purposes including cross-training, hiking, or any weight free work.

Inside, there are breathable sock liners from EcoOrthoLite, which is a material that improves shoe fit together with comfort. A rubber sole plays a significant role in the softness of these shoes. Which means you can wear them from day to night and for a variety of activities without feeling tired from head to toe.

A well-padded design and the rubber sole absorb the shocks generated from impacts with the ground. It’s a silhouette design which makes your shoes look less strenuous and sleek on flat feet. There is a shaft located around 3 inches from the arch and shank which add to the stability of the shoes.

Pros of PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe For Flat Footed Women

Sleek look
Well Padded
Made from Cruelty-free leather
Highly versatile
Extreme durability
Stable even under intensive workouts
Outstanding air flow due to breathable socks liner
Excellent arch support

Cons of PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe For Flat Footed Women

Fit at heels is occasionally off
Runs small
Can become stiff with time

NIKE Flex Supreme TR 4 Cross Trainer for Flat Footed Women Review

Here are another great additions by Nike, it is one of the best cross training shoes for women with flat feet.

These shoes are not just for cross-training purposes but also for other physical and day to day activities. This is one of the most numerous cross fit training shoe options available in the market.

NIKE Flex Supreme features a flex technology which gives your feet the ability for moving naturally. Through this unique design, it keeps you flexible and comfortable at the same time. As a part of its design, an adaptive mid-foot strap is there to allow excellent mid-foot support.

For girl and women with a flat foot, this mid-foot support is necessary as the lack of an arch means whole foot can be in contact with the ground. Quintessentially, a locked-down fit and feel are generated which is critical at the time of cross training.

Outriggers created from rubber are also added to these shoes to give you extra lateral stability. Beside this stability outriggers also add additional support to your feet during wear.

Fly wire is also added to mesh in uppers to guarantee forefoot lockdown. In addition to this, Phylon Foam carriers are there to add more flexibility and stability.

Pros of NIKE Flex Supreme TR 4 Cross Trainer for Flat Footed Women Review

Satisfactory forefoot lock-down
Excellent tractions
Collar is comfortable
Supportive shank
Lightweight core
Fit for flat arch feet as well as fit for high arch feet
Lots of cushioning and padding

Cons of NIKE Flex Supreme TR 4 Cross Trainer for Flat Footed Women Review

Durability is questionable at times
Some users don’t like the color
Tough to pick the right size

ASICS Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe for Women With Flat Foot Review

These are the multi-purpose shoes for flat-footed women who are engaged in cross-training. It is the perfect athleisure piece, so if you want a fresh look, it is also accompanied by a series of essential features.

It is breathable, lightweight and well padded. Padding in tongue and collar create wonderfully comfortable feel when you put it on for training. With this, a mesh lining improves the breathability of this shoe.

As a multi-purpose cross fit training shoes, Gel-Craze TR4 features excellent supporting structures to keep your feet and ankles safe amid of strenuous physical activities. Other great features include AHAR Outsole, gel cushioning on rear-feet and Fluid Ride Systems.

All these features are put in place for shock cushioning, protection and midsole support. Mainly midsole support is compulsory for a flat-footed woman, especially during exhaustive physical activity. This eliminates pain and pronation in the foot.

Pros of ASICS Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe for Women With Flat Foot Review

Replicable insole
Great ankle support
Best for running, cross training and weight lifting
Perfect grip while doing exercises
Great fit if sized up

Cons of ASICS Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe for Women With Flat Foot Review

Needs sizing up
Tongue lacks padding

What to Consider While Buying Best Cross Training Shoes for Women With flat Feet?

Arch Support

Women with smaller or higher arches need a different amount of arch support. Higher arches give natural springboard type of action during exercises. Therefore, it gives some protection level. For women with flat feet, this arch isn’t available, and therefore it must be given artificially.

Those girls and women with feet lack cushioning and should bear full impact while they land their feet on the ground or the floor. This leads to aches and pains as well as subsequent injuries in feet.

To save you from this, your cross-training shoes should give adequate support at the arch area. With this, any impact outcome is cushioned from the feet.

Maximum support is necessary. Your feet require not to move around in shoes when your workout. Think of the pair of shoes that have lots of such support to alleviate painful conditions.

All the options in this review offer adequate support. However, you like fancy off this, consider arch support provided in that shoe.

Stabilizers on Shoes

Women with flat feet are usually sensitive to pronation or turning in of inner knees. Cross training shoes must have stabilizers on its sides at the forefoot. Unluckily, if you need to test the stability of cross trainer shoes, you need actually to wear them on.

It’s best to determine whether they prevent ankles from turning inwards or avoid pronation. Stabilizer wedge on the side works to keep ankles from rolling out. Beside stabilizer, a reinforced midsole also perform the similar function. It inhibits both over supination and over pronation.

Sole must provide resistance to slip

Cross fit shoes and other exercise regiments need that you do not slip in the process. Activities can often be intense which any slippage may lead to severe injuries. The shoes must provide such grip. Look for softer soles, such as rubberized soles are best for this. However other materials like PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride and PU or Polyurethane are also suitable.

Perfect Size

Pair of cross fit training shoe tick for you in most if not all right boxes. However, if it doesn’t fit your feet, they are useless. No matter you are a flat-footed woman or not, when it’s about the size of shoe, manufacturers perception is different.

See, a shoe that indicates size 9, might be of the same size or dimension of size 10 in another company. So best is to try it physically or if it’s not possible then research to assure it.


We know you are after best cross fit training shoes for women with a flat foot, but to get better value, have one that does more than just that. Buy something that offers you something beyond cross training, like hiking, running, biking, jogging, and other everyday activities.


The material of shoe determines the extent to which you can use them. Moreover, nobody like shoes that only last for a couple of months. Best cross fit training shoes for women with flat feet never come cheap.

Ease of Cleaning

Sweat can take a massive toll on your cross-training shoes, and they start to give a bad odor. So look for removable inserts in your shoes that can be cleaned. You can also find shoe choices that feature machine washing. Such shoes are made from polyester or other synthetic materials.

Aesthetic and Price

Athletic accessories vary in prices, so don’t fall for the myth that best cross training shoes for women with flat feet always mean spending a fortune. For those who can afford it’s okay, otherwise, we recommend giving priority to value, quality, and comfort. For aesthetic and appearance, it’s human nature to look good. However, looks can be deceiving too. So focus more on other features as compared the look and feel.

Conclusion! Why Are Cross Training Shoes are best for Women with Flat Feet?

When it’s about multi-functionalism, cross-training shoes are best. Cross training shoes are best all-purpose shoes, no matter it is jogging, strength training, and cardio and court sports. One could even wear these shoes during her fitness classes. Cross training shoes are best for all types of feet, particularly for women with flat feet. They provide adequate shock absorption in the forefoot and better cushioning to heels. The former is best for activities like court trainers and latter is best for running.

Women with over or under pronation conditions are best suited for cross-training shoes, because of extra support and extra cushioning.

As soon as you determine that you are a flat-footed woman, start looking for best cross training shoes. These shoes can lift up your arches and help to lower strain on your foot and lead to reduce the chance of injuries.


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