Kayaks are helpful in reaching to view the scenic and beautiful locations with extreme ease. They are also accommodating for the people into fishing. A good Kayak is a source of recreation as well as professions for a lot of people.

In this article, we will share a list of the best kayaks for women. Here you can find some of the particular kayak models by trusted brands, their pros, cons, salient features, cost and helpful tips to select the best kayak for women.

Useful Buying Tips to Pick the Best Kayaks for Women

To ensure buying the best kayak for women, here we share the salient features of a kayak which should be kept in mind. This way, you can lay our hands on the most excellent quality products only.

We will begin buying tips with the types of kayaks followed by details about dimensions and a few other considerations.

Types of the Kayaks

 As we said earlier, one of the key considerations is to keep in mind the kind of kayak you need to purchase. There is a variety of kayaks which include the following:


They are modern models, as they and feature wholly enclosed hull along with open cockpit. They are mostly used for recreational and fishing. On good thing is that they don’t fill up with when overturned. These kayaks are the best option where the climate is quite warm.


They’re traditional kayaks. They have an enclosed cockpit. They are ideal for whitewater kayakers in cold climates.


They are built to face differing environments and are ideal for families with kids. They’re generally available as sit-on-top kayaks. They have a small storage area and a large cockpit. These are available at an affordable price.

Sea or Touring

They are the best ones if you intend to cover the longer distances since they perform very well in the rough waters. They are quite spacious storage. You can find models in the sit-in and sit-on-top option.


These provide easy transportation with a useful storage area.


They’re made of plastic coated fabric. They are lightweight and can be fitted in a backpack when deflated which makes them easy for transporting. They have a huge capacity for storage as well. They make a good option for recreational use.


They are custom-built or altered to adjust fishing accessories like rod holders, mounts such as fish finder, chart plotter, and the like.


These are the most excellent options for touring as they are easily transported. Thus, knowing your requirement is an essential point.

In most of the models, the Rear and Center have two compartments of 6 inches each.

T-handlers are also provided with the front and back of the kayak.


As the name implies, they are mostly used in sports. They are built lightweight so that they can go at a fast pace. They are made with composite materials like fibreglass and carbon fibre.


If you want to enjoy kayaking with your spouse, a friend or your kid, tandem kayaks are the best options for you. This type of kayak has two seats to accommodate two persons. They are more stable as compared to single-seat kayaks. This type will also save you money.


As the name implies, they are exclusively designed for whitewater kayaking. They are short and have a curved bottom that makes them move in a stable and faster manner. Sit-on-top is a better choice in this type.


The dimensions are essential, and there are certain things regarding the sizes which you have to keep in mind when you intend to purchase best kayaks for women. The dimension related aspects are as follows:


The length plays an important and vital role, for instance, the recreational kayaks have a shorter period. Kayaks which are extended can be paddled easily when travelling long distances. The longer ones also have plenty of storage space to keep the accessories.

The shorter ones can turn swiftly. A couple of inches may not make a considerable difference. But be careful if the difference is feet.


The width of the kayak helps to stabilise on the waters. The narrower boat means a faster pace. If you want speed, select one with a narrow width.


Tall and large paddlers need to have sufficient depth for the assurance of room for the legs, whereas boats with tall side are helpful in deflecting water and may be useful in providing more space for storage. On the other hand, the shallow ones can face the winds with more strength and stability.

Weight Capacity

It refers to the complete kayak, gears and yourself. This aspect is significant if you intend to have a multi-day tour. If you overload your kayak, it will affect its buoyancy and paddling efficacy.

All the boats have different weight limits mentioned in the manual as per the requirement of the buyer, so always check the weight limit.


It’s a dropdown fin which avoids a side wind from blowing the kayak off the course.


It flips down from the back. It functions like the skeg, but it isn’t fixed.


It is related to the level of comfort you need while rowing. If you row for long distance, it is a crucial point to consider. A comfy seat can increase the value by around $100, but do not compromise over the seat. Check out the ergonomics, padding and adjustability.


Small cockpit lets you have better control and safety in rough circumstances. On the other hand, a big one lets you get in and out of the kayak with ease.


They let you access the interior storage space. As per the type, there could be one of two hatches.


The material from which the kayak is made plays a significant, essential and vital role in the durability. The content of the boat also affects the price as well as the weight of the kayak. Following are some materials from which kayak are made;

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene (PE) is one of the ordinary and popular materials used to manufacture kayaks. It’s is not expensive and provides a perfect impact as it is abrasion resistant. Though PE is a great choice, it can become brittle over the years if it is exposed to the sunlight.

ABS Plastic

A little expensive as compared to polyethylene, it comes with the same level of durability. It is lighter in weight and can resist UV rays, which justify its higher price.


It is a blend of fibreglass and ultralight carbon-fibre. This material ensures higher performance at a higher prices price. It can resist UV rays, but bumps against rocks can bring trouble.

Location & Environment

It is always useful to consider the location and environment to pick the best kayaks for women.


In the case of a local lake, the weather is reasonable, and your journey’s endpoint is near, pick a sit-on-top or recreational sit-in kayaks.


In this case, you have to take many points into account which include wind, waves and currents. Here a sit-in touring kayak is a good choice, but a sit-on-top will also do.


For keying in the rivers, stability and strength matter most. Here a recreational sit-in or sit-on-top boat will be a good choice.

To select an excellent kayak, above stated are some of the useful tips to follow so that your investment can last for a longer time, and fulfil your requirements. Above all, your boat must come with comfort and affordability.

On this list of the best kayak for women, we have tried hard to ensure that we include only the best options on the market. Rest assured, whatever product you pick under the light of these tips, it will bring you the best value for money.

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