What else time will be incredibly important for any women on this planet earth then Pregnancy and post pregnancy. It is essential to focus on yourself and get the right nutrients and vitamins needed by your body to ensure a healthy pregnancy and nourishing milk supply for your child.

Protein is necessary for fetal and newborn development as well. It also helps to recover the stress of giving birth. It’s recommended to consume around 71 g of protein every day during pregnancy.

Before taking any supplement, it’s better to check and consult your doctor. Best protein powders for pregnancy must be natural, healthy, taste good and provide ample levels of proteins.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best protein powders for pregnancy and highlighted their pros, cons and key features.

Pure Food Natural Plant-Based Protein Powder Review

Best Protein Powder For Clean Eating?

Pure Food protein powder is best for daily use. Mainly made for clean eaters, 100 percent natural protein powder for pregnant women.

The ingredients of Pure Food protein powders are 99 percent free from chemicals, fillers, and preservatives that are necessary evils in most if not all protein powders. This helps it for being one of the greenest and cleanest vegetarian or vegan protein powders available in the market. It is also jam-packed with vegan-based probiotics to give better gut health as well as not leaving the user bloated after its consumption.

Pure Food Protein Powder is ideal for women looking to escape usual artificial flavorings in other protein powder brands. It tastes like real food because of particular ingredients. In any case, if you aren’t satisfied with it, the manufacturer offers a full money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Pros of Pure Food Protein Powder
  • 100 percent Natural vegan based Protein Powder for pregnancy

  • Offers Money-Back Guarantee

  • Filled with vegan based Probiotics

Cons of Pure Food Protein Powder
  • Slightly expensive as compared to its counterpart

Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal

The Best Protein Powders For Anti-Allergenic?

Seeking Health is one of the most comprehensive multivitamin protein formulae that provides a nutrient boost to pregnant mothers. It contains 14 g of vegan protein. Seeking Health also make use of active folates to encourage healthier fetal development. It is also an anti-allergen protein powder that helps protect more sensitive pregnant mothers

It comes in convenient and easy to store screw-top tub to help prevent other kids at home from easily accessing it and allows the scoop to store inside it.

Despite only 2 flavors (Vanilla and Chocolate) available, Seeking Health protein powder is better tasting protein powder on the market. All of us know how tastes change during the pregnancy period and Seeking Health does not disappoint you.

Pros of Seeking Health Optimal Parental Protein Powder for Pregnancy
  • Anti-Allergenic Constituents

  • Ingredients are specifically targeted To Pregnant mother

  • Suitable For Vegans

Cons of Seeking Health Optimal Parental Protein Powder for Pregnancy
  • Available in only 2 Flavors

Life Stage Shake and Lactation

Best Protein Powder for Lactation?

Life Stage Shake and Lactation is one of the best plant-based protein powder for pregnancy with all possible trimmings. It offers up to 20 grams of natural protein per serving at the cost of just 120 calories. It is free from dairy, gluten, and soy.

One of the best features of Life Stage protein powder is its high level of Vitamin B6 which help you to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness. It comes with the patented probiotic formula which helps you to support healthier digestion and immune system as well.

Combining 22 different minerals and vitamins in one pack, Life Stage protein powder raise overall nutrient levels. It mainly helps with lactation development which means it can be used both pre and post pregnancy.

Life stage is best to make the life of new mothers a bit easier because they do not need to try and find protein powders they enjoy and achieve all health requirements at the same time.

Pros of Life Stage Shake And Lactation protein powder for Pregnancy
  • Up to 20 G Of Protein/Serving

  • It Does Not Contain Any gluten, soy, gluten

  • Include many essential minerals and vitamins like B6 to help you with the issues of morning sickness

Cons Life Stage Shake And Lactation Protein Powder for Pregnancy
  • As all of us know that Dairy proteins are one of the easiest proteins absorbs by our body, the lacking of dairy protein can be considered as a negative point with Life Stage

Mommi Protein Powder For Pregnancy

Best Value For Money?

Mommi contains around 15 g of whey protein per serving. Whey is easily absorbed and is packed with many essential parental vitamins. Mommi was formulated by nutrition specialists and approved by OBGYN. It gives all important minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that are importantly needed by expectant mother for healthier development of the baby. Mommi protein powder is the best value for your money, weighing 35 ounces/unit, which makes it the lowest cost/g of best quality parental proteins powder out there.

Pros of Mommi Protein Powder for Pregnancy
  • Low Cost/Gram of Protein

  • 100 percent Natural Ingredients

  • 15 g of Whey Proteins/Serving

Cons of Mommi Protein Powder for Pregnancy
  • Not very good in taste

Important Things To Consider Before Using Protein Powders

If you are conscious of the healthy development of your child, you must consider these important things before buying and using any protein powder.

Carefully Read the Labels on the Product Package

It is crucial to understand what you are pouring into your body. Regardless of high-quality protein powders containing the same contents, they are combined in varying quantities. Depending on external factors like your diet, it may cause imbalances.

Grams of Protein Per Serving

Carefully check how much protein you get per serving. People who aren’t getting enough of protein through regular diet, proteins powder supplements are the great way to make up the numbers.

Ask your doctor how much extra protein your body need. It is best to get as close as possible. This is let you for fewer servings needed and to avoid unneeded caloric intake.

Cost of Calories

Best protein powders are those that deliver maximum nutrients at minimum calories possible. While it is ideal not to count calories during pregnancy. Lower calorie intake may help avoid health issues that aren’t related to pregnancy. Such issues may end up with an effect on child development and health.

What To Avoid

Some essential ingredients that are usually found in typical protein powders which pregnant mothers need to avoid, including Gluten, MSG, soy, GMO, caffeine, preservatives and artificial sweeteners and other additives.


Women who were active before pregnancy are still able to exercise and they are usually encouraged to be active. But, it’s important to take care and don’t go for workouts that are too strenuous. This is when high protein pregnancy powders are ideal for muscle repair and providing essential vitamins to your infant.

Availability of Flavors

Pregnancy affects hormonal systems and leads to a change in moods and tastes. It is best to have protein powders in a variety of flavors. This will help when having a craving for specific flavors or cannot stand to be across them.


When you have some allergies, it is significant to read through the list of ingredients mentioned on protein powders. Usually brand has one or more components that cause allergies. Many protein powders are designed for being specifically anti-allergenic.

Mix It Up

Try to find protein powders that can be mixed with various ingredients like milk, vegetables, fruits, and water. By this, you can keep protein routine to become a chore and make it a little more interesting. Even a protein powder that lack in taste can also become great, like a fruity protein shake will be a great pick-you-up early morning.

Healthy Diet

As protein powders help you get the right amount of nutrition, you must focus on regular diet first. As soon as you are eating a healthy diet with sufficient natural vitamins and minerals, you can see a protein powder which full fill additional needs.

Natural diet is significant because wholefoods have various health benefits that aren’t found in protein supplements. They are the best source of fiber, healthy carbs and extra energy.

Proteins after Pregnancy

It is also essential to ensure to get sufficient pregnancy after delivery. Expert suggests to 20 percent increase over recommended daily need. Increased protein helps children’s growth during the lactation period. Some powders are targeted towards this process.

Cost and Affordability

Protein powders are the best and affordable source of ensuring the body has sufficient essential nutrients for healthy growth and development. Usually, just 1 to 2 servings are required every day depending on the diet and specific needs. Most if not all protein powders are marketed at the same prices. However, it is crucial to ensure the number of servings and the amount of protein per serving to provide the value you will get from it.

Nutritional Requirement and LifeStyle Choices

When purchasing proteins powders ensure that it meets your dietary needs and your lifestyle choices. There are various brands and qualities available on the market to check out this protein intake calculator. There is no need to sacrifice any values.


What are the Different Types of non-meat Protein?

Whey Protein

Whey is a byproduct of dairy processes. It quickly gets absorbed into our system. Whey is the most common type of protein, usually within workout or muscle building protein supplements

Soy Protein

Although it should be avoided during pregnancy because of being highly processed GMO and it can cause hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, it is still a popular non-meat type of protein

Proteins in Egg

Egg provides similar benefits to whey, but, it is released slowly. So egg is good for early morning and as a pre-workout protein.

Proteins In Milk

Helps immune system as well as muscle growth, this is the reason why taking protein mixed in milk is an added benefit. You can also receive essential calcium with milk.

Protein in Pea

Pea is both easily digested and hypo-allergenic to allow quick absorption.

Final Verdict

It is significant to realize that anything you consume will put an impact on your child development. Because of this, it is essential that you always talk to your doctor before taking any supplements. Doctors can assess your individual needs and then give you unique advice. We know the hardships expectant mother have to face, therefore don’t only settle for fist protein supplement you try. Get a little of each and everything and ensure you find the one that matches your lifestyle choices and affordability. Pregnancy is a struggling phase of every women’s life. It is essential that you are both healthy and happy. Finding the right type of protein supplement can ease you through this whole process and also lower your stress levels.

To conclude, if you get it to be too much effort or cannot settle on the best protein powder for pregnancy, do not be afraid to check something new, it will be as easy as changing your diet.

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