The combat that has been going on for centuries between women and their body hair has persisted till date. It is always a very time consuming and painful process that most women have to go through at least twice a month to get rid of unwanted hair from their body.

They have a few options that they take into consideration; one of them being waxing and the other being the use of hair removal creams.

Waxing seems to be the most effective but also the most painful way; hair is removed by first applying a viscous solution on the skin and then brutally stripping it all off. Sometimes the hot wax used, ends up burning the surface of that area and takes ages for the scar to disappear. Therefore, it is a method; one can never get accustomed to.

The other is using strong chemicals on the body to remove hair, this sure is a painless process, but the chemicals contained in these products are more often quite harmful to the skin. These hair removal creams often result in irritation of sensitive skin and turn it black because of the harsh treatment.

However, many things changed when the twenty-first-century women, decided not to stick to these conventional methods. They explored different options to get rid of body hair and came across razors.

Yes, RAZORS, that one product that was always marketed for men, has now gained much popularity among women.

What exactly are women razors? Are they the same ones that men use?

For those who have no idea as to as what razors are, here is a guide to tell them about these products and how they work.

Razors are tools made from plastic to scrape off the hair. They come with a handle and a blade on top. The numbers of edges vary among different brands of razors.

Some companies have started manufacturing razors, made especially to suit the sensitive skin of females. They make sure that after their use, the skin surface does not get itchy or dry. Many brands of razors contain a special coating of gel that moisturises the skin as it removes the hair, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Most of the razors designed also have a bendable top that can tilt slightly upwards and downwards. This upward and downward tilting mechanism ensures fewer amounts of cuts and nicks.

Men have skin that is comparatively more rough and thick, as compared to women. Hence, razors designed for men are entirely different and are only suitable for their skin type; therefore, they should not be used by women as an alternative.

Can razors be used as an alternative to waxing?

Long gone is the time when the word razor was only used to describe something that only used by men. Nowadays, women have picked up on the use of blades and love the after effects of it. The question that remains hanging for many women is; can it replace waxing?

The simple answer to it is; yes, it can.

Razors are small and pretty easy to use. They don’t cause any pain, but there are a few things that should be taken into consideration before starting with its use.

The right kind of razor makes sure the skin is not dry, itchy or bumpy; just like it is after waxing. Some good quality razors contain a lubricating gel inside the cartridges such as Aloe Vera and vitamin E, which is good for the skin.

What are the Best Razor for Women with Sensitive Skin – Reviewing 5 Best Razors on Amazon With their Pros and Cons?

Schick Intuition

With regards to delicate or sensitive skin, Schick is an incredibly unique brand. It’s the reason we have the Schick appearing thrice in this list of 5 best razors for females with sensitive skin. Not every model is made equivalent, and I like the Intuition because of a few good reasons, it has shaving cream right on the razor. This cream causes me to get a smooth and moisturised shave on your dry skin.

Pros of Schick Intuition

  • Just wet and start to shave, you don’t need any cream or gel
  • Lotions block is created from hypoallergenic natural materials such as cocoa butter, Aloe Vera and rose oil.
  • Affordable
  • Leaves a soft and silky skin behind
  • Best for teen women who is just a new to shaving

Cons of Schick Intuition

  • Doesn’t last longer

Gillette Venus Embrace

With Schick Intuition, Venus Embrace form Gillette is the excellent option as compared to other best budget razors you can purchase if you have sensitive skin. On account of the Embrace, water enacts a lace of dampness for a smooth shave

Pros of Gillette Venus Embrace

  • Many good user reviews
  • Gives the closest shave without any nick or cut
  • You can navigate challenging to shave areas such as ankles and knees
  • Although not meant for it, you can use it in your vaginal and anal area too
  • Has five sharp blades as compared to 4 in Schick’s 4
  • Dermatologically tested and clinically proved to be best for women with sensitive skin

Cons of Gillette Venus Embrace

  • You still need a shaving gel or cream
  • Its blades last for long, however when you purchase refills they are a bit costly

Schick ST2

These are several go-to women razors when you are going on a trip. They are disposable and cheap so you won’t need to be worried if it broke on the way or even if you forget them in your Airbnb cupboard.

Pros of Schick ST2

  • Cheaper; get 12 razors in 1 pack, so it is just a dollar each
  • Has lubrication strip to help it to glide effortlessly on your skin
  • Fulfil its promises
  • If you do not like the hassle of caring for premium shaving razors, you can buy a pack of these and dispose of them frequently

Cons of Schick ST2

Do not give you a closer shave as compared to Gillette’s Embrace or Venus, (hence there is a price difference also),  I have seen complains of nicks if they don’t prep their skin before shaving

Gillette Venus Oceana

If you need more bang on your bucks, but you cannot afford Embrace refills, check out Gillette Venus Oceana. For only a few dollars more you will have a pack of 6 shaving razors for single buy. Gillette Venus Oceana is one of the best blades for women with sensitive skin, and you can buy.

Pros of Gillette Venus Oceana

  • Work best for women with sensitive skin
  • Include aloe strips to help the razor smoothly glide on the surface, leaves nice smooth feel after a shave
  • Best value for a lower price
  • Can be used anywhere including armpits, legs and bikini areas

Cons of Gillette Venus Oceana

  • Only have three blades
  • Disposable razors, therefore, may not last long as compared to premium shaving blades for women

Schick Xtreme 3

Extreme 3 from Schick is not my first choice for either disposable or a premium shaving razor for women. However, it works for many others as I found in user reviews, and for this reason, I am forced to place it in my list of best shaving razor for women with sensitive skin.

Pros of Schick Xtreme 3

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Available in a pack of 1, 3 and 4
  • Include aloe, Shea-butter and vitamin E components therefore ideal for women with sensitive skin
  • Not gives the closest shave. However, it gets the job done

Cons of Schick Xtreme 3

  • Can get you a nick if you aren’t careful.
  • Things to consider before buying and using a razor:

It is essential to keep in mind a few useful tips that are described as follows;

Things to remember when purchasing the best razor for women with Sensitive skin:
  1. Sound quality: The number one priority that you should have before buying a razor is to check if it is of good quality. Invest once in a good quality razor and stay satisfied with the results for a longer duration.
  2. Good grip: Make sure to buy a razor that has a handle designed perfectly to fit your hand so that so you can apply the correct amount of pressure and save yourself from getting any cuts.
  3. Duration of use: Make sure to purchase a razor that can be used for a more extended period, so you don’t have to buy a new one after every use.
Things to keep in mind before using razors:
  1. Use of shaving gel: Make sure to apply a shaving cream or gel before using your razor, so that your skin does not stay dry after its use.
  2. Use of moisturiser: Use a moisturiser with great hydrating ability after using a razor, so that your skin stayed soft and moisturised to prevent skin irritation and dryness.
  3. The direction of hair: One thing to be careful of before shaving is to make sure you shave in the path, opposite to the course of the hair.
  4. Be calm and don’t hurry: It is essential, not to rush while shaving. Please go down with it gently and carefully. It is necessary because the blades are pretty sharp and might give a deep cut if done with haste.

Final Thoughts:

As women don’t like having hair anywhere on their body except their head and eyebrows, razors seem to be the most convenient thing to get rid of hair from everywhere else, with a lot less time and hassle. They are also a lot cheaper from laser hair removal therapy.

Razors are everything this fast generation needs. They are compact, portable and offer a quick fix. It is essential not to use razors that are disposable and cheap because they can cause damage to the skin. With new kinds of razors being designed nowadays, they also remove the top dead skin along with unwanted hair. This design turns skin, baby soft.

There are a few concerns that many women have, before getting a razor. They think that after using it once, the next generation of hair that will come out will be thicker and darker, which is far from the truth. They appear that way because of its edge being cut bluntly.

However, it is also important to select what you find best for your skin. If you get razor burns, cuts and experience your skin to be itchy after the use of razors, then you might as well switch to old traditional methods instead of using razors in the long run.ods instead of using razors in the long run.

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