With several interventions and application of drugs during pregnancy, unsurprisingly most if not all expecting mothers are unaware of the importance of mind-body techniques and have on pre and post labor. Providing education on mind body techniques in the early times of pregnancy can extensively reduce unnecessary medical processes like Cesarean, Pitocin and Epidural. These interventions become the reason of complication during labor and as well as side effects in both mother and baby resulting in trauma.

Pitocin is synthetic type of Oxytocin which is released into the system through IV, delivering the drug in a continuous stream instead of secreted bursts. Consequently it leads to stronger contractions, which decrease blood flow and become a reason for distress to both the mother and baby increasing the likelihood of a C-section. Mind body techniques like yoga, imagery, meditation and relaxation offer comfort during labor, shorten the duration of labor time and other benefits to both mother and the baby.


During Pregnancy yoga combined with gentle stretching, relaxation and breathing exercises are very popular techniques. Anciently these practices were to increase internal awareness and focus that help creates confidence and trust in self while also bonding with the infant. It also helps in lowering blood pressures and provides reliefs form pains and aches during pregnancy. Yoga also builds stamina, relaxes the pelvis and assists the baby transition into the best birthing position.

Relaxation when used on daily basis it can reduce the feeling of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, improved blood pressure, immunity, and self-confidence. It helps to create endorphins which help decrease labor pain.

Meditation helps to create and releasing melatonin into blood flow during stress time. It also helps produce endorphins to help relieve painful effects.

Imagery and visualization is another strong practice before labor. Visualizing successful labor can help build confidence in the abilities to birth naturally. Tight and tense muscles resist the body form opening.


Besides easing the labor procedure, these modalities also help the post-partum body recovery. They prevent postpartum depression and anxiety by allowing the mother sometimes to herself to nurture the connection between mind and body.

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