Many factors influence a person’s susceptibility to acne. One of the most common varieties is hormonal acne, which is why many teenagers have to deal with it. Puberty throws teens’ hormones out of control, which can really put a damper on class photos. You should look into acquiring the best acne oil treatment to help deal with breakouts. However, most people prefer preventing acne rather than treating it. The best organic feminine health products will help, but you should consider the following lifestyle changes to see if they have any impact.

Change Your Diet

The foods you eat can have a drastic effect on your skin. For starters, dairy has been proven to worsen acne. The reason for this is that dairy stimulates testosterone production in people, and this spike can lead to an acne breakout. Dairy also contains its own hormones, which can disrupt your own hormonal balance. In fact, some research suggests the worst dairy a teenager can consume is fat-free. Getting rid of the fat in the dairy product concentrates the item, which means the body absorbs it faster. That results in a faster hormonal spike.

Maintain a Gentle Skincare Routine

Even if you do not currently have a breakout, you still want to take care of your skin gently. You should apply sunscreen every day you go outside, even if you will only be out in the sunlight for 15 minutes. You also want to try an exfoliator and apply salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxy acid product two or three times a week. Look into the benefits of witch hazel facial spray to see if that would help you. You should wash your face every day once in the morning at once at night. You do not want to wash any more often than that or else you could dry out your skin too much.

Visit a Dermatologist

In the event topical treatments do not work, then you should see a professional. For extreme cases of acne, you may need to undergo a steroid injection. It can help decrease the inflammation quickly, and it will prevent future outbreaks to help you out. You should also ask about oral medications, including Spironolactone.

Lower Your Stress

One of the biggest factors that impact acne is stress. When you have so much going on that you cannot handle it, then you are more susceptible to zits. Stress releases a number of hormones into your body that creates an inflammatory response. This inflammation contributes greatly to acne, so you need to lower your stress levels. You should exercise more often, get plenty of sleep and practice relaxation techniques, such as yoga. You need to know how to take it easy, which may not always be simple when you are prone to acne breakouts.

Hormonal acne is different from the occasional blemish. It will follow you everywhere you go throughout your teenage years and even when you are an adult. Fortunately, you can find a self-care company online that will provide you with the product you need to keep your skin looking clear and wonderful.

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