Hormones are so important for both men and women. The imbalance in hormones is treated differently in both men and women and their few hormones are different from each other. The imbalance in the hormones causes a lot of problems in both the genders. Obesity is an issue that is faced by both men and women and there are a lot of treatments available that address both the genders equally.

But there is a need to understand that females’ hormones are far different from the male hormones. And the obesity or being over weight for females is quite different from males. Females can gain more weight due to feminine problems, the misbalancing hormones either result in gaining or losing weight.

The following hormones have effects in developing obesity when their levels are just not normal:

  • Cortisol
  • Estrogen
  • Insulin

All these are vital in their functions and their imbalance results in major problems. The menopause in females often results in gaining more body fat than before. This usually happens when they hit the age of 30.

Overview of the product

Keeping in view the hormonal problems women have to face and due to which they gain extra weight, a product named as Over 30 Hormone Solution is designed to address female issues. The product is made purely from the natural ingredients. The ingredients were collected from different parts of the world and tested in the laboratory.

The manufacturer herself tested the product before introducing it to other women and it had marvelous results.

The ingredients used in the product are:

  • Black cohosh
  • Dong quai
  • Red clover
  • Chaste berry

As many other herbal extracts have been used in the product making to enhance the effects of these ingredients. The formula has been used since ancient times by the women of Japan, the reason behind their ever-lasting beauty and no obesity at all.

The product is made available from online sources and cannot be found in the general stores. Due to its unique and amazing benefits it has been purchased widely by thousands of women and they recommend others too. Following are the benefits by Over 30 Hormone Solution:

  • Keeps a balance of the hormones to avoid develop diseases.
  • Slows down or delays the aging process in females.
  • Boosts up the metabolism that helps in getting rid of excess fat in a faster way.

Over 30 Hormone Solution Review

Product description

The Over 30 Hormone Solution is designed to reset the three necessary hormones of females to help them in losing excess weight that was caused by imbalance of these three hormones:

  • Insulin
  • Cortisol
  • Estrogen

Talking about the estrogen, estrogen is a hormone that regulates the glucose and lipid metabolism. In the conditions such as menopause or irregularities in menstrual cycle the level of estrogen is lowered. This results in its decreased amount in the body and body is unable to metabolize lipid to certain desired level. As a result of this, lipid starts depositing and fat is accumulated into various body parts contributing to the obesity. This problem is solved by using Over 30 Hormone Solution to normalize the level of estrogen in the body.

Cortisol is a hormone whose excess amount is undesired. It is released during stress conditions and women take a lot of stress. In the presence of this hormone Adamst1 maximizes its activity in producing more fat cells from stem cells and healing them to be matured into larger white cells. These fat cells do not burn the fat in them, which results in obesity that cannot be treated via exercises or changing meal plans.

To tackle such issue pure natural ingredients were selected in specific amounts and got a shape of a capsule. This capsule can be consumed each night after meal before going to sleep. And the next morning reveals the magical effects of Over 30 Hormone Solution.

Following ingredients make this magic happen:

  • Black cohosh

The roots of this plant are used and their extract is obtained. This extract is tested in the laboratory before being used in making of Over 30 Hormone Solution. The black cohosh is longer being used to treat female problems such as menopause and post menopause effects. This helps in maintaining the balance of all three hormones (cortisol, estrogen and insulin) in their respective amounts.

  • Dong quai

The extract from the roots of this plant are well known to regulate the menstrual cycle and maintaining a balance in the hormones in female body. The lowered estrogen levels due to menopause are brought back to normal level and thus improving their functioning in lipid metabolism.

This is the reason why dong quai is the key ingredient in the manufacture of Over 30 Hormone Solution.

  • Red clover and Chaste berry

Red clover is a flower while chaste berry is the fruit, both are known for their treatment of hot flashes and premenstrual syndrome respectively. They are also important in treating conditions such as menopause and the issues related to it. These issues include gaining weight due to its imbalance in the body. The balance is maintained and obesity is treated in a natural way.

The product is available only on online stores and people have to contact the manufacturers on their social media accounts or other sources. They may immediately receive an email from the manufacturer about joining their community.

Over 30 Hormone Solution ReviewsPros of the product

The product is amazing with positive feedbacks from all the clients.

  • Over 30 Hormone Solution helps females in maintaining their attractive figure by reducing excess body weight.
  • The product is purely made from the 100% natural ingredients and is based on herbs that make it vegetarian.
  • It eliminates the need of reducing carbs and going on strict diet plans.
  • Use of Over 30 Hormone Solution reduces the need of exercising, although exercise is quite important in maintaining healthy body.
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee if the product fails to deliver its best results on you.
  • Customers can also receive a custom call from the manufacturer to ask about the progress they have made using the product.

Cons of the product

The product is so amazing that there are hardly and negative effects. Here are the ones:

  • Over 30 Hormone Solution is available only online and cannot be purchased from supermarkets.
  • The discontinuity in the use of product may result in less beneficial effects on the body.


  • Is the product a scam?

The Over 30 Hormone Solution is not any scam, if it fails to deliver your desired results you can have your money back any time within 60 days.

  • Does the product have negative effects on the body?

There are not any negative effects reported yet. As the product is made from purely natural ingredients there are less chances of negative effects on the body.


Every woman wants to live a healthy life that is full of happiness. This can only be achieved when they have an attractive figure which keeps them away from developing diseases. Women have to deal with a lot of problems inside their body due to hormonal imbalance. Over 30 Hormone Solution helps such women to maintain a healthy figure and fight against the disease at first stage by preventing them to develop.

Over 30 Hormone Solution Review

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