Each person deserves to have good moments within their day and morning can be a great time to have a few of these moments, and extra time for self-care before the day ‘officially’ starts. Having a grounding morning ritual is a recommended tool that can start your day on a positive note to help mentally and physically open yourself up, be more centered, harmonious and balanced, and unlock your best potential on a daily basis.

The concept of being grounded involves complete awareness of a present, a deep sense of mindfulness, and a spiritual connection with the earth and our true self. While being fully grounded requires time and a consistent approach, you can try to incorporate a few things to have a purposeful morning routine that puts you on the right path. Try out the suggestions below to create your own perfect morning ritual that can help you to start your day feeling balanced, with an overall sense of physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Start With Your Bedtime

Firstly, your mindful morning starts the night before. Therefore, make sure to rest and get quality night’s sleep to prepare and ease into a new day. Try to refrain from staying up late, overeating, and consuming alcohol or caffeine before bedtime. If you like to watch TV or spend hours on your phone, do so earlier in the evening to take a few hours to detox from light-emitting screens before going to bed.

Also, make sure to include healthy boundaries with your bedtime routine to make it easier to rise in the morning and set yourself up for a relaxed, calmed, and mindful morning. Reading a book, adding essential oils for aromatherapy, drinking calming teas, practising nighttime yoga, or listening to meditation podcasts – all of these activities contribute to better quality sleep.

Additionally, before you go to bed, decide how you want to wake up tomorrow, write your intentions down and try to follow through with this vision. Set your alarm for the morning to increase the likelihood of following through plans and ensure you have a dedicated time for routine actions before you get on with your day.

Resist Technology

When your alarm goes off, what is the first thing you do in the morning? Pick up your phone, scroll Instagram feed or check e-mails? As a result, your morning is already plagued by urgent tasks before you even get out of bed, and that needs to stop. By immediately engaging in technology, texts, news, and social media you are shocking your system with millions of neural pathways triggering in the brain and aren’t allowing you to use the time to wake up gradually.

Avoid the morning temptation to check your phone by turning it off notifications, changing the settings to ‘Do Not Disturb’ or turning off your phone completely. All e-mails missed calls, and texts can wait until later in the day.

Get Moving

Regular exercise is a vital part of your everyday life that has a positive effect on your mental and physical health. This might be a run, hike, yoga, stretching, or finding your own workout. It’s essential to make this ritual suitable for you so that it’s something you can stick to and do what feels good for you personally.

The movement can also take the form of making the bed and decluttering, tidying up your space, stretching gently on your bed or any comfortable place, dancing a little while attending to brewing your morning cup of coffee. These all count as movement, so make sure to incorporate some sort of movements to energise the body and mind while awakening and strengthening every part of you.

Feed Your Body

Since the body and mind are connected, gut health directly impacts mental health. If you eat well, you feel well. Therefore, filling your body with wholesome, healthy foods in the morning pays dividends for the rest of the day and allows your mind to function properly alongside the body.

Consider drinking a big glass of fresh room temperature water to hydrate yourself before you do or ingest anything else. Also, adding lemon to your water can help to invigorate your system, balance pH levels in your stomach, and activate metabolism.

Time to feed your body with breakfast that will nourish you and provide you with the energy needed for the day. Whether it’s a protein smoothie, avocado toast, or oatmeal, try to eat a well-balanced ‘real-food’ breakfast full of fruits and vegetables instead of sugars to get you going.

Meditate & Visualise

Similar to feeding the body, you should also feed your mind. Meditating in the morning is an effective way to start your day right. Take a couple of minutes in a peaceful space or just stay in your bed to meditate or do breathing exercises to give you the necessary balance and keep you grounded as well as remaining clear and calm. If you are feeling hesitant but want to try out a meditation practice, there are a variety of blogs, videos on YouTube, and apps like The Mindfulness App, Calm, or Headspace that can guide you.

However, in case you don’t have a lot of extra minutes in your morning routine, you may try to visualise. Spend up to three minutes by visualising and mentally rehearsing in the highest outcome what is about to happen during your day. By visualising your day going especially well, your brain thinks it is already done, which works wonders for your everyday life.

Try CBD Products

CBD is a non-addictive, non-psychoactive component that originated in cannabis plants, and widely works for solving physical and mental imbalances. Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a natural supplement that is generally safe and won’t cause severe adverse effects.

CBD oil benefits and potential healing properties can help to lower pain and chronic pain, regulate the sleep cycle, improve mood, and reduce anxiety and depression, especially when someone is under pressure. Our body contains a chemical called serotonin, which is mainly found in our brain, bowels, and blood platelets. Serotonin contributes to human well-being and happiness. Namely, if you feel depressed, concerned, or other negative feelings, it implies that the serotonin level contained in your body is low.

At this time, when you feel disturbed, taking a few drops of CBD oil will benefit your mental health. So tonight try one kind of CBD product to tidy up your mood, improve concentration and enjoy a night without pressure. Have a good sleep, get a refreshing mind, and it is convenient to set up your work tomorrow. Things will become much easier, and you will get back to peace again.

Connect To Yourself

For an extra grounded morning consider practising meditation or having a workout on actual earth outside. A powerful method to get centered and to connect with yourself is to take a walk in nature and just get quiet. Find a comfortable, peaceful place where you can sit or walk to feel the earth beneath your feet, notice the smells in the air, colors of the trees and the sky, and listen closely to what is going on around you.

Try to quiet your mind and thoughts to get grounded in yourself. If you are struggling to calm constantly rising thoughts, pay attention to how you are feeling inside your body to become more aware of what means to be true to you. The benefits of spending time for daily breathing exercises and meditation will gradually grow the more consistently you practice.


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