Who says crossbows are just for men? Although Crossbows appear to be very manly; however certain crossbows are mainly meant for women. There are some of the complete packages that are the best crossbows for women. They are available at several price ranges with the specific set of accessories and features. Here are 5 best crossbows for women that I picked after reading different reviews on best crossbow packages for women.

5 Best Crossbows Package for Women

1. TenPoint Lady Shadow
2. Barnett Lady Raptor FX
3. PSE Fang LT
4. Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger
5. Parker Challenger

How to Choose One Of The Best Crossbow Package For Women on the Market?

If you are one of those girls and women who is planning for fun hunting trip and looking to buy a crossbow set or kit specially made for women, then you are probably facing hard time picking which brand or model is going to be best for you. This complete guide may come to rescue.

We created a list of best crossbow sets for girls and their short reviews to help you out with fine comparison among different models and brands.

Don’t rush in purchasing any crossbow kit for women. You must consider specific factors before you make your purchase. Few of those essential things that you must know when choosing the best crossbow package for women are mentioned below

Weight of Crossbow for Women

There are various crossbows for women for sale. Some are affordable while others aren’t. However, one of the necessary things you must need to bring into your consideration is their overall weight.

When it is about your physical strength, it is better to choose the crossbow which you can effortlessly carry from one place to the other. This is extremely important particularly when you are on a hunting trip. Also, think about the size of your body can compare it with the total weight you need to carry. After this, you can easily decide which one to pick. You can check the weight on the technical details of a crossbow before you hit the buy button. Some of the crossbows are same in size yet have different weights.

The Accessories That Comes With It

After the weight the most important thing that you must consider is that if that crossbow comes with all the accessories needed in the package. Most of the time, when you purchase crossbow sets or packages, they come with all the necessary accessories and features for free.

Few of the essential accessories included in the package are quiver, arrow, user manual, instructional DVDs, rail lube, cocking rope and the like. At present, many manufacturers and brands design their crossbows sets with high tech features and accessories to keep them up with cutthroat competition.

You have to find out if a specific brand or model offers an entire set of accessories with the primary product. This way, you would not have to spend extra bucks on additional accessories and add-ons.

Price and Affordability

When it’s about buying the best crossbow for women, try to ensure that it’s reliable and durable.

However, mostly you have to spare loads of bucks on a product that spell high quality. You have to consider your budget before you buy one.

The good news is that there’re many crossbows available that are targeted for women users, they are affordable and still guaranteed to be fast and precise. You have to compare brands and models so that it might be more straightforward and easier to get a value for your money.

Draw Weight

Each crossbow has its particular draw weight. For newbies in the field of hunting and archery, you possibly have no clue what it’s all about. If you need to have crossbow which is suitable for you, try to know its draw weight first.

A crossbow with higher draw weight needs archer to exert much more effort and work only to make the full draw. Rule is, you have to opt one that you can draw and pull back easily. But, if that crossbow comes with higher draw weight, it’s faster.

Length of the Axle

Axle length is defined as overall length of a crossbow. When you are buying the best crossbow for women, pick one which is easier to maneuver. The gurus of archery say that shorter crossbows are much more maneuverable than longer ones.

However, they aren’t preferred by some professional because they are pretty hard to shoot. For amateur hunter and archer, it’s better to choose crossbow with longer axle length.

Left eye or Right eye?

While planning to buy the crossbow, don’t only limit yourself to technical factors, which means you need to consider yourself.

This means you have to check which one of your eyes is more dominant. Thumb rule is, try shooting with right-handed if your right eye is dominant and vice-versa.


For girls and women who like hunting, it is essential to pick the best crossbow for women that has exceptional speed. Crossbow speed is measured in Feet/second or FPS. Most of larger crossbows are designed for higher FPS. However, a girl or women isn’t usually physically able of drawing large and powerful crossbows. 250 FPS is good enough velocity of a crossbow for women.

Top 5 Women’s Crossbow Packages Reviews

Barnett Lady Raptor FX

What’s Included

• Rope cocking device
• 4X32inch Multi-reticle scope
• 3x20inch Headhunter arrows
• 3 Arrow Quiver

Pros and Cons of Barnett Lady Raptor FX

Pros of Barnett Lady Raptor FX

• Easy to set up
• Armed with the industrial-strength features
• Available in lightweight design
• Highly durable
• Affordably priced

Cons of Barnett Lady Raptor FX

• Slightly heavier when compared to others
• TenPoint Lady Shadow

TenPoint Lady Shadow

What’s included?

• 3X x 75 Magnum arrows
• Pro view 2 scope
• Instructional videos
• 7/8 inches stable dovetail mount
• Instant detach 3-arrow quiver

Pros and Cons of TenPoint Lady Shadow

Pros of TenPoint Lady Shadow

• Dependable and durable
• Lightweight and Sleek design
• Worth its price
• Fabulously functional
• Made with exceptional limb technology

Cons of TenPoint Lady Shadow

• Expensive


What’s Included?

• String Stops
• Rail Lube
• Foot Stirrup
• Cocking Rope
• Anti-Dry Fire and Auto Safety Trigger
• 4×32 Multi-reticle Scope
• 3 x 20 inches Carbon Bolts along with Bullet Points
• 5 x Bolt Quiver

Pros and Cons of PSE Fang LT

Pros of PSE Fang LT

• Great precision
• Great adjustability
• A Lightweight and compact crossbow
• Offers a smooth draw
• Excellent grip design

Cons of PSE Fang LT

• It is heavier in weight compared to other women’s crossbows
• A bit heavier than other crossbows for women

Parker Challenger

What’s Included?

• 4 Quick-detach quiver
• 4 arrows along with field points
• 4 x multi-reticle scope

Pros and Cons of Parker Challenger

Pros of Parker Challenger

• Easy and simple to use
• Easier to maneuver
• It’s highly reliable
• Lightweight and compact
• Highly adjustable
• Quiet and free from vibrations

Cons of Parker Challenger

• Higher price

Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger

What’s included?

• ACU-52 Integrated
• 3 Wicked Ridge Ranger Carbon Arrows
• Self-Retracting Rope-Cocking System
• Wicked Ridge Instantly-Detachable 3-Arrows Quiver
• TenPoint 3 x Multi-Lined Scope
• Instructional DVD

Pros and Cons of Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger

Pros of Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger

• Famous for its better accuracy
• Compact design
• Highly powerful
• Easy to shoot
• Exceptional Durability and Balance

Cons of Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger

• More expensive than other crossbows for women
• Lack an integrated suppressors

Final Thoughts

Whenever you shop online for the best crossbow for women and the associated kit, keep all the information and reviews in your mind and follow the above buying guide for the best crossbow for women. You possibly have an ultimate choice in your mind when it is about the model or brand.

No matter you are an amateur or a professional in the world of archery, the critical thing to put on priority is to weight things appropriately before you make any final decision. The best crossbow for women is equipped with all the possible and necessary accessories and features for more efficiency, accuracy, speed and overall functionality.

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