Are you exhausted of going to the gym and not understanding that ideal body that you always see in magazines? Are you worried that the baby weight you gained, might never go away? Are you too afraid to go under the knife and get liposuction done? Do you hate looking yourself in the mirror with a muffin top hanging around your waist?

Well, here’s the answer to all of your prayers. Presenting to you is a compiled list of all the best waist shaper’s of all time, not only will it help you get a perfect hourglass body but also help you to lose down the weight from the limited area of your body; being your belly.

What are waist shapers?

Waist shapers, or commonly called waist trainers or waist cinchers; are soft bodysuits that can be wrapped around the waist. They are made to make your belly look flat and give a boost to your confidence.

The concept of waist trainers is ancient old; it comes from the time when women of much earlier centuries used to wear tight fitting undergarments to shape their waists. It made their waists look flat and small. Those undergarments went by the name of corsets. Those corsets were extremely tight and made it exceptionally hard for women to breathe. It was even harder to put them on!

Since times have changed, and science has progressed a lot in recent years; waist shapers have been designed these days that are both comfortable and easy to put on. They are made from a stretchable material with its fabric much more breathable nowadays.

How does a waist cincher/trainer work?

Waist trainers are designed in such a way that they fit your waist perfectly. They help support the back and correct posture. They make the belly fat burn faster when coupled with exercise. It is however not recommended to wear waist trainers for longer durations and during the strenuous workout as it can potentially be harmful to the organs. Waist trainers can be worn under regular clothes or even gym clothes to give an illusion of a smaller waist and help lose belly fat faster.

Is there anything that one needs to know before getting a waist trainer?

Like most people these days want quick fixes in the smallest duration, well this product takes time in helping lose belly fat, but on the other hand, it does act as a quick fix, as it reduces the waist size up to 2.5 inches and makes it appear slimmer. However, some things need to be taken into consideration before buying this product.

Don’t squeeze yourself in:  Waist trainers shouldn’t be tightened so much so, that there is excessive pressure on the organs beneath the skin. This extreme pressure can even displace those organs, so it’s best to wear it as per the comfort of your body.

Wear them during small work-out sessions: It is advised to be worn during light workouts, but shouldn’t be worn during intense cardio sessions.

Let your body grow: Young girls between the ages of 12-20, are not recommended to use this product as it can restrict the growing process.

Wear it for smaller durations: Waist trainers should not be worn for more than seven to eight hours a day; otherwise, they can cause a lot of discomforts.

Some of the best waist trainers of all time

One can be in a severe pickle trying to select the best waist trainer for their body. The struggle starts because of many brands taking their place in the market. Here is the list of limited most excellent waist trainers that are recommended by many.

  1. Ann Chery Women’s Faja Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher:

This waist trainer is very popular among buyers and has a maximum number of orders as compared to any other waist trainer. This waist trainer is made in Columbia and has two rows of hooks for better fitting.

This product has its inner layer made from cotton to absorb sweat from any workout. The outer layer is formed from latex that keeps the waist trainer in shape. One of the best features of this product is that it can be hand washed. It also produces that desired thermogenic effect that helps burn belly fat during the workout. It automatically reduces a few inches of the waist as soon as it is put on. However, this product comes in sizes that are very small, so it’s best to order a size bigger.

  1. Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher:

Squeem is not only useful in reducing belly fat, but it also corrects posture. It gives support to the back and can be easily worn as an undergarment. It provides the waist with a smooth effect and also reduces more than 3 inches of it. It is made from cotton and latex. This product can also be hand-washed and comes all the way from Brazil. The only problem with this product is for women with latex allergies, other than that this product is excellent for everyone to use.

  1. Charmian Women’s Latex Underbust Waist Training Steel Boned Shapewear Corset:

This product helps maintain an hour-glass body and aids in the metabolism of fat during the workout. It comes with straps that help reduce pressure. It works very much like a corset, but not the one used in archaeological times. The fabric of this waist trainer is a lot more breathable and comfortable. It accentuates the curves and has a cotton interior to absorb sweat.

  1. YIANNA Sweat Neoprene Sauna Suit Tank Top Vest with Adjustable Shaper Waist Trainer Belt:

This product has a pretty unique style. It works like a sports bra, a waist trainer as well as a waist trimmer. It has a 2mm thick neoprene rubber layer that offers support and comfort. It is made from very breathable fabric. Velcro in its design helps adjust sizes as per need.

  1. Camellias Women’s 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset Shaper for Weight Loss:

This product is excellent to be worn either under any dress or over it. Its unique, stylish design can be used to wear at Cosplay parties. It helps portray that perfect body shape. It comes in a lot of different sizes and colours.

It contains four layers of fabric to provide additional support to strengthen the stomach muscles as well as the back.

  1. Waist Trainer Corset by Shape of You:

This product has nine reinforced steel wire bones to provide perfect shape to the body. Its interior is made from 100% cotton. It is comfortable enough to be worn for long hours. It comes in almost all sizes and helps boost workout. The excellent part of this particular product is that it guarantees money back if it fails to satisfy the buyer. It contains three rows of hooks for better adjustment and has no flaws.

  1. Waist trainer corset by Atbuty:

This product ensures quality and has a wide range of sizes to choose from. They have a tremendous thermogenic effect on the belly. It helps maintain posture and reduces the waist size up to 3.75 inches instantly. It can easily be worn underneath gym clothes or regular clothes to impart a thinner and perfectly shaped waist.

Waist trainers are quick solutions before parties. They also help in the long run by burning belly fat faster. However, it is best to buy a waist trainer that has good quality and does not wear out quickly. The excessive use and tightening, beyond the levels of comfort, should be avoided.

Use of waist trainers should always be coupled with exercise, to have long-term effects in shaping the body into a perfect hourglass figure.

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