Finding the best Golf equipment hardware can be challenging, especially for some women it’s considerably harder than finding the correct pair of shoes.

In any case, if you felt that the best golf clubs for women were merely general clubs done in different shades of pink or any other feminine colour, reconsider!

They are meant in light of the average female golfer.

Let us take a gander at some best golf clubs for women available at this moment and how to pick the correct ones.

Our Top Pick for the Best Women Golf Club Set: Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set

Reviewing Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set (Right Hand, 11-Piece, Right Hand)

Women's Complete Golf Club Set

As a newbie, you needn’t bother with an entire arrangement of every one of the 14 clubs. The best is to purchase a quality set of golf clubs that can get you through starting practice sessions and the first year of golf playing. You can include the missing clubs as you advance in your game. This Callaway ladies’ golf club set comes with;

  • One forgiving driver, with lower CG (center of gravity)
  • 5-hybrid,
  • 5-wood
  • Wedge,
  • Multiple short irons
  • 1 Putter,
  • Bag, and the trio of head-covers for wood, driver, and hybrid.

Its driver offers forgiving face and an active club head. In this way, you’re far more effectively hit the golf ball straightly on for longer shots, notwithstanding when you merely begin learning the game. Its build quality is high. Callaway is one of the major golf club brands in the world, and the firm utilizes innovative manufacturing techniques to make this best golf club for women. Should you need a full set, they also offer it.

Pros of Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set
  • Forgiving woods and drivers with larger clubheads to allow you to hit longer drives.
  • Includes an easier to shot 5-hybrid rather than a long iron
  • Perfect shaft length suitable for a woman golfer with shorter heights under 5.6ft.
  • It also includes a bag that has several pockets and excellent build quality.
Cons of Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set
  • This set is for a beginner set, so it isn’t a good option for more senior or experienced mid-handicap women golfers.
  • Not for a women golfer who is taller over 5.6ft.

Best Value: WILSON ULTRA Complete Golf Club Set with a Bag

Women Complete Golf Club Set

This is a specific set of golf clubs for ladies hoping to play full rounds on a course consistently.

Rather than a token starter kit, it comes with;

  • One driver
  • One 4-hybrid,
  • One fairway wood
  • Complete set of short and mid irons
  • 1 Putter and
  • 1 Pitching wedge

In addition to this, you get a cart bag which is completed with a strap for simple carrying. Even though they have left out the difficult to hit long irons, Wilson gives you separate fairway wood and graphite shafted driver. With the steel shafted irons, this full set may be perfect if you are hoping to upgrade from beginner kit.

Pros of WILSON ULTRA Complete Golf Club Set with a Bag
  • A complete set. It comes with all the clubs, except specialized wedges
  • Driver and a 3-would give swing pace support with graphite shafts
  • 4-hybrid rather than long iron.
  • Steel shafted irons along with cavity backs are best to improve your stroke playing from fairway onto greens.
Cons of WILSON ULTRA Complete Golf Club Set with a Bag
  • Few minor design flaws are there on the bag. These make it uncomfortable around the course
  • Lack in graphite shafts on irons. This makes it unsuitable for golfers who strive to get distance on the fairway shots.

Best Seller: Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid Club Set and Stand Bag

Lady Power Hybrid Club Set

For completely fresher girls and women, hoping to get into golf now, we prescribe this as the best golf club sets with hybrid features because of the pure playability of this set of clubs.

This set from Confidence Golf is for fresher, yet it comes steel shaft. It includes:

  • One driver
  • One 4-hybrid,
  • Complete set of cavity back irons which is 6-PW with a steel shaft
  • One Stand Bag that has auto pop legs
  • A semi-mallet style Putter

460cc driver has satisfactory forgiveness, though 4-hybrid brings in some additional distance game. The A stand bag with auto pop legs and hybrid semi-mallet style putter complete the bundle.

Pros of Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid Club Set and Stand Bag
  • This golf club set is one of the affordable club sets for women who are beginners.
  • Its include higher lofted driver as well as hybrid over  forgiveness ball flight
  • Its stand bag excellent with very convenient legs options.
  • It includes clubs that are lightweight regardless of being steel shafted.
Cons of Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid Club Set and Stand Bag
  • There aren’t any graphite shafts. Therefore, this set may or may not be suitable for women who have problems with swing speeds.
  • The clubs are merely suitable for players who are high handicappers.
  • Clubheads have faux insert design attachments which may fall off at some point.

New Deluxe Petite Complete Golf Package Set (Right Hand) Perfect for golfers somewhere in the range of 5ft and 5’5′ Tall

New Deluxe Petite Golf Package Set

This is a complete set in our list, containing:

  • One driver
  • One hybrid,
  • One fairway wood
  • Full set of irons
  • 1 Putter

460cc is standard for this package and accompanies graphite shafts just like the matching 3-wood.

The 24-degree hybrid with generous forgiveness and loft can be one of the most used clubs in this set of the best golf club for women.

The iron is steel shafted, i.e. 6-SW, that is decent if you end up caught in the sand.

The pack comes with an extremely convenient stand bag, rain cover and head covers

Pros of New Deluxe Petite Ladies Complete Golf Package Set
  • The wood, driver, and irons come with women flex that is perfect for ladies who are beginners.
  • The shafts are perfect for women with shorter heights, i.e. 5.5ft or lower.
  • Deluxe stand bag can work with golf cart
  • This one is a full golf club set; you do not have to spend more unless you feel a need for an upgrade on your clubs such as the putter and driver.
Cons of New Deluxe Petite Ladies Complete Golf Package Set
  • Irons with steel shafts that might not be ideal women golfers who are a beginner

Worthy Competitor: Tour Edge Women’s Lady Edge Golf Complete Set, Right Hand, Ladies Flex, Lime, Graphite

Tour Edge Women's Edge Golf Set

For those women golfers looking to upgrade from the starter kit, this one is the set of best golf clubs for women from Tour Edge. It seems like a promising option.

  • You will get a choice for either a 7-pieces of complete 10-piece set including,
  • Multiple lower lofted fairway wood (3 to 5),
  • A 460cc higher lofted driver
  • 1 set of short irons
  • Higher lofted 6 & 7-Hybrid
  • 1 Pitching wedge
  • One golf bag
  • A precise mallet style putter
Pros of Tour Edge Women’s Lady Edge Golf Complete Set
  • Perimeter weighted driver is perfect for women who want to get the most significant distance off the tee.
  • Mid-iron hybrids are a fantastic choice, adaptable to boost confidence on mind games
  • Fairway woods includes stainless steel shafts within Ladies flex to provide the best altitude as well as distance on the fairway.
  • The whole set is perfect for a woman who is mid-handicap and looking for golf club set which improves their confidence and strokes play without extra help.
Cons of Tour Edge Women’s Lady Edge Golf Complete Set
  • Steel shafted clubs may not be suitable for ladies who have a lower swing speed
  • Comprising woods, rather than of hybrids reflect this set is targeted at more senior or experienced women players so this one isn’t perfect for beginners.

For what reasons do we require Women’s Clubs in the game?

Previously, makers did not offer any exclusive golf clubs for ladies. The essential reason was that there were not very many golfers who were women.

All the facts changed with the rising number of girls and women coming into up the game over a couple of decades.

At first, the so-called best golf clubs for women were merely the best clubs for men rebadged with a sprinkle of pastel or pink shades sprayed into the design! However, gratefully, that has changed recently. Now women’s golf clubs are specifically designed for female golfers, keeping their body and physical capacities in mind.

What Are Golf Clubs for Women?

It is mean that they are designed specifically for girls and women depend on the similar innovative technology used in men’s clubs, yet differ in these factors:

Factors To Look Into To Make Sure You Are Buying  One of the best women’s Golf Clubs 
Shaft Length: Since ladies are shorter than men, shaft length of every one of women golf clubs is shorter by somewhere around an inch.

For instance, if a standard 5-iron is 37.75” in length, female variation is kept at 36.75”.

The shaft of golf club designed for ladies for the height of 5.5 to -5.7 feet, while for men it’s kept up at around 5.9 – 5.10 feet.

At times, even standard clubs are meant with shorter shafts, similar to Nike CPR golf clubs, and they may be reasonable for the two people of the same height.

Shaft Flex: Usually women golfers achieve slower swing speeds, because of less upper abdominal strength.

To balance this, metal or steel shafts are changed for the graphite that is more flexible

Consequently, the axes of women’s clubs have a higher level of flex.

Club Weight: For making it more effortless to control clubs, they are frequently lighter than other golf clubs.

With irons and other metals, the golf club-heads are more burdensome, on the other hand, the general weight of the club is as yet kept on the lower side along with shorter shafts. This guarantees maximum possible control.

Loft Angle: Higher lofts on golf club will guarantee that shots will move higher into the air.

Ladies’ woods and drivers are provided higher angle points to help a woman golfers make the ball higher from the tee or fairway, making maximum distance possible.

Grips: Grips are kept shorter and slimmer, as ladies tend to have little hands than men.

The grips on women clubs are usually distinct because of the pastel and softer colors utilized.

Myths about Golf Clubs and Gender

No principles exist to figure out which golf club somebody can use (aside from in general size for competition clubs).

You are a woman does not mean that you need to use some best golf clubs for women, or the other way around.

The essential thing is to pick a club that suits your build, swing style, fitness and playing style.

Several women golfers on the Pro circuit make use of regular golf clubs. Check for Michelle Wie, who at 6 foot, she is taller than the average women (even men) golfer and would benefit by having a longer golf club.

Other than that, since she is a gifted player blessed with high swing velocity, she can thrive with a stiff flex rather than the softer flex.

Who Should Use The Best Golf Women’s Clubs?

The general guideline here is: the taller you are (more than 5.6ft.), the women golf clubs will be less suitable for you.

If you fall into the class of the average lady golfer (shorter than 5.6ft, with slower swing paces), then ladies’ clubs are your thing.

More Clarification about Shaft Flex

Golf club manufacturers have an established naming convention for flex levels used in golf clubs. These include

Golf club makers have a built-up naming tradition for flex levels or grades utilized in golf clubs. These incorporate

  1. Stiff (S),
  2. Extra Stiff (X),
  3. Regular (R),
  4. Ladies (L) that is the softest grade and
  5. Senior (A)

Merely having an L grade shaft doesn’t make a club a woman’s golf club.

Just having “L” grade does not make it a golf club for women

Similarly, since you require a golf club for women (which has a shorter shaft and relatively smaller grip) doesn’t imply that the L grade shaft is perfect for you.

Some girls and women may require a consistent club with L grade shafts. On the other hand, some need a shorter, lady’s clubs with stiffer or regular grade shafts.

For this exact reason, it is useful to either experiment with various clubs to check which of them work best for you or to get your clubs fitted by an expert club fitter.

Final Verdict – Which is the Best Golf Club For Women Out There?

In our honest and unbiased review of the best golf club for women, we have generally focused on entire ladies’ sets that expect to be the most forgiving ladies’ golf clubs available.

With a decent blend of graphite shafted long distant wood and driver, a hybrid and a full set of steel shafted irons, most women golfers prefer Wilson Ultra Ladies. It is forgiving and gives the best mix of clubs which take care of most if not all conceivable lie. The whole package is affordable and makes it the best golf club for women who are a beginner.

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