Travel is good therapy. It is about taking time off from the business of life, from the kids and the hubby and just travel with the other girls. It sounds simple, but it is challenging to plan and execute when you have a family. However, once a woman pulls girls only trip off successfully, she is hooked.

It may be hard to join such a venture especially if you have kids, but it is not impossible. The most important thing is to know where you will go for a girls trip. There are many places both locally and even internationally. But first, do you really need a girls trip? Of course, you do.

Here is why you need a girls trip:

To catch up with your girlfriends

You have been mom and wifey for so long. You have always been serving the needs of others. It is just who moms are. However, without taking some time off for yourself to recharge your batteries, you could be setting yourself up for a serious burnout.

The good thing is that everywhere, there are moms or women like you, and they are all looking for a reprieve. It is easy to connect with such women, make plans to travel and have the time of your lives.

Remember those girls you to college went with? It is time to call them up and ask them to plan for a serious girls only trip. Of course, you should make such plans in advance. It is best that you tell them a year before the trip so that they can have plenty of time to make up their minds about it.

It may be hard to do the End of The World (remember that movie?) kind of thing, but even with all the kids and the house to take care of, you can squeeze at least two or three days for a trip with your girls.

To make new friends

Life is about social circles and the bigger they are the better. You get invited to more parties and events! When you are planning the trip with your girlfriends, ask them to bring their friends too, maybe one or two. You should also bring your friend. Of course, friends of your friends are your friends definitely, even without thinking about it.

It is therapeutic

When women get together to travel to new places or to just hang out and have fun, that is enough therapy for them! They can talk, rant, discuss their husbands and their kids too. They can do pretty much all that they want. By the time mommy is going back home, she will be refreshed and rejuvenated, packed with new energy.

Where to travel to

Here, you will be spoilt for choice. However, you may have a budget limitation. For example, if you are planning to go to Africa, you would have to prepare amply for that trip. The best thing, therefore, is to start small. Maybe one day you will go far away to the vacation of your dreams.

Travel to a place that you have visited before to rekindle your memories. Most people are so hooked to seeing new places such that they forget that one place they went to once and promised themselves they would go back. If you were born in a different place and grew up in other places, visiting some of the old places really does a lot of good for you. If you and the girls do not readily agree where you will go, you can always ask a tour planner to arrange for you.

Try a new adventure. For example, you could travel to a scuba diving or snorkeling destination. Women who dive together stay together! Besides, you can never be too old to earn a NAUI or PADI certification. Get ready for underwater activities, and see what secrets the ocean hides in her bowels.

You can always visit a new place where none of you have ever been to before. Nothing beats the wonder of experiencing a new place with your friends. You can even visit on a small budget. The USA has many awesome places that you have never been to, or you could go north to Canada. Actually, imagine taking a road trip all the way from California to Alaska! That would be so cool.


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